. American History is filled with stories of men and women of other nations coming to this great land of opportunity and making a way for themselves and their families.  One such success story is right here in our own community.  Cataldo Alu, "Aldo" as he is know by most, first came to this nation on January 22, 1966, at the tender age of eighteen.  Aldo was born on May 5, 1948, in the city of Palermo , Sicily of Italy.  Working with an Italian restaurant in St. Louis, he decided to test the opportunities available and began his own restaurant.
          Aldo came to Washington, Missouri on July 2, 1971, at the age of twenty-four and opened ALDO'S PIZZA on the corner of Fifth and Grand.  It's been a success ever since.  He married Liberata or "Susie," on June 29, 1974.   Aldo's philosophy is to make the best Italian food around by taking meticulous care in using the freshest ingredients which go into every dish.  Take his pizza for instance.  It isn't thrown together using mass produced dough or frozen crusts, but rather the dough is made fresh daily in the restaurant.  The special recipe used in Aldo's sausage and hamburger toppings are made in house, as well, as our tomato and meat sauces. His family works hand in hand in the business, and now the family is expanding the business by introducing Catering Services to the community. Aldo will be using the same approach in Catering as he has used since 1971, by taking meticulous care and using the freshest ingredients at a price for anyone's desire or budget! Come by and see what Aldo has cooking for that special event!
Contact Aldo's seven days a week at (636) 390-2536